A Week in Photos

Since my life’s been pretty uneventful, here’s a round up of the 37th week for this year.

  1. Etude House BR301
  2. Chorizo Fried Rice with tons of mixed vegetables
  3. We had to use my sister’s bathroom for a week since mom had most of our pipes replaced (we now have visible pipes) instead of getting all the pipes dug out to trace where the leak is. Oh, and I was at Alabang Town Center the other day and while I was in the wash room, a group of girls were condescending on one of their “friends” who didn’t know how to flush the toilet (it was her first time there). No one knows everything and it’s not shameful to admit it. Everyone starts out knowing absolutely nothing, and that’s how you learn, by trying to know the things you do not know (does my brain fart even make sense? Haha!).
  4. My recipe notebook is halfway full! It started out with my neat handwriting, but the pages now look messy with my notes in it (ie “less sugar!!!”, “too bleh!!!” and a lot more exclamation points and underlines).
  5. Unearthed this red loose top with sheer fabric in the back. Now, if only I could find a chance to wear this somewhere..
  6. Cleaned my bags and realized that I may have enough restaurant receipts, movie/theater tickets, and whatnots I collected from dates to cover my wall. I keep all this souvenirs inside an empty box of chocolates that C gave me. :p
  7. Why We Broke Up
  8. If you’ve been following my Twitter account, you’d know that my baby girl/my dog gave birth to two puppies. Unfortunately, the other puppy died. The remaining puppy, which we named Chicken, is now more than a week old. She seems healthy, crawls all over the box we made for Rox and her, and can now open her eyes. 🙂
  9. Mom made her delicious yema! Her yema includes a lot of other ingredients aside from milk and nuts -which I’m not aware of – that makes it the best yema I have ever had.
  10. Hungarian sausages, eggs, tomatoes, garlic, onions.. for dinner.
  11. Bought two new pairs of shoes from SM Department Store for half their original price. Score!
  12. I love our homemade pizza. It has as much cheese (both cheddar and parmesan) and meat (ground pork and bacon) as I want, most of the toppings kept falling off while we’re eating it. Yum!

How was your week? 🙂

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