I guess that there will always be feelings you experience that you find unexplainable and you choose one word to express it, rather vaguely.. this. It is one of the few things you wish you can capture, store in a nice clear jar and make it last for eternity. Together with a moment, it passes by you, and yet no matter how ephemeral the encounter, time stands still and you wish you are in a dimension where you can freeze time to stay there. But then, you cannot avoid the inevitable. Once it has fluttered away, you simply have to hope it won’t be the last.

Sure, C and I haven’t been together that long (time is relative), and I have to admit that we have ‘down’ times. Not every second we spend together are chick flick moments full of kissing in the rain, C standing outside my bedroom window holding a boom box over his head or screaming in public areas to tell the world how much he loves me, our silhouettes running towards each other on the beach while the sun sets in the background.. There are days where we fight, we become too predictable or our plans don’t push through. But amidst all that, the instances when our eyes suddenly meet, I smile as this feeling washes over me. All I have is hope that what we have will endure every ‘down’ time. 🙂

Our day out actually started with me being pretty pissed off. We had other plans but had to cancel it at the last minute, and I get annoyed whenever the things I have no control over messes up plans. Fortunately for C, I could never stay grumpy whenever we’re together and he only needed around ten minutes to cheer me up. :p

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