August 2012

  • Lengua (Ox Tongue) in Mushroom Sauce, Cheddar Mashed Potatoes, and Rice for lunch. Come on, how in the world am I going to get my ideal waistline? My mother is a fantastic cook, it’s too hard to resist. Huhu.
  • Kim and I “hosted” a birthday party for a neighbor’s kid. We used to go to birthday parties, and now we’re hosting them. I feel old. (I sneaked the balloon out and no one noticed until I paraded it around the house *sneaky laugh*)
  • …and I said goodbye to my waist-length hair by paying Tony & Jackey to do it. It’s actually longer in the back, but too short from what I expected. Although it’s just hair and it won’t stay this way forever, I admit I’m never going back there as it is way shorter than the photo I got for inspiration. I was contemplating in getting my hair cut this short ala Bea Alonzo in her latest movie, The Mistress. But it would be too reminiscent of my 4-year hairstyle and we all know high school wasn’t the happiest time in my life.
  • I was bored so I made Orange Chiffon Cake (which was a failure, just so you know) and covered it with fondant. I have yet to take a bite (or a slice) because it’s too pretty to eat! I never knew making roses was hard! I sucked at it, hence, I made swirly lines instead.
  • I got news and I don’t know whether it’s yay or nay, but I seriously hope I figure out soon. I just know I’ll be able to achieve what I set out to accomplish. I have a conflicting belief about my destiny. I believe I am meant for great things (in a way, everybody is, don’t you think?), so I work hard to get there.


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