Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

22 Cookies and Cream Cupcakes for my birthday boy, C! ♥  I actually just used a recipe for moist chocolate cupcakes, mixed Oreo with the batter, and topped it with Cream Cheese frosting. The frosting was a hit (and half of the cupcakes were a miss due to some of the Oreo getting burnt, haha!) since my siblings piped the rest of the frosting on any pastry they can get a hold of. That rarely happens. :p

I know I can never beat last year’s birthday surprise for C, and I actually had something planned for the 4th birthday he’s celebrating with me. However, plans had to change because of “job hunting”, and the fact that I was stupid enough to run with my head uncovered while it was raining. I have been spewing phlegm like crazy (don’t worry C! I wore a mask while baking to keep from sneezing all over your birthday cupcakes) and I had to be a bear and hibernate for a few days to make myself well enough to go to dinner with his family last night. I wore a sweater, my DLSU jacket, kitty pajamas and spent the rest of Saturday and early Sunday, bundled up in my Hello Kitty comforter.

I was supposed to surprise C today and I even dressed up for it, but after pulling myself through a set of exams, my body decided to give up on me and succumb to high fever.. again. I had to travel to Cavite from Ortigas in a woozy state, but I feel much more exhausted and drained at the fact that I missed C’s actual birthday. Come on, the guy was even insisting I go home instead so I can get well soon.. *cue: exasperated sigh*

Happy birthday to the most understanding, thoughtful, sweetest macho boyfriend of all time. I love you and I want us to celebrate all your birthdays to come, together. 🙂

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