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I remember mentioning in another post that my relationship with C is a roller coaster ride. Yes, it is an endless ride full of ups and downs, loops and twists. Honestly, there are times that either of us just wants to get off the ride (and vomit maybe) but we’re still together in this cart. And I have never had anyone make me feel like this..

..every single time I see him. I guess that’s why we treasure what we have. We have all those kinds of love; puppy love, first love, unsolicited love, motherly love, the one true love, greatest love, selfless love, stupid love.. (I’ll stop with that because I might start rapping if I continue on with this. Haha!) and up until now, I can never label what ours is but I know it isn’t something I won’t easily give up on.

Yes, I cannot predict the future. But right now, I can sincerely say that the person I want to end up as the one to spend the rest of my life with is him. Although my life without him had been utterly awesome, with him in it, everything seems much more vivid. Sometimes, I let myself wonder how I am so lucky to have someone accept and love me, flaws and all. Him alone, even from afar, can turn my knees into jelly and my insides fill with fluttering butterflies. He only needs to whisper sweet words in my ear and it is somewhat enough to leave goosebumps all over my skin. Our tight hugs are my shelter, wherein his arms are the thick stone walls that keep me safe and warm. Our kisses are synonymous to exuberance itself. We were good individuals prior to our meeting, and yet together, we strive to become better people. Better within ourselves, better upon others, and better with each other. We may be different which causes arguments, but it is our difference that makes us interesting and our conversations, worthwhile.

Three years, baby. Let’s not stop counting. 🙂

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