Mothers’ Day 2012

For Mother’s Day this year, I simply made a Banana Meringue Pie for my mom. I do appreciate my mom even if it isn’t mother’s day, but I recently found out how hard it is to handle the thought of actually losing her.

Mom got awfully sick the other day and I didn’t even get the chance to shower before changing clothes and rushing to get mom some medical assistance. Fortunately, she’s well now. I don’t even care about the fact that we now eat greens as much as we can if it meant that mom would stay healthy. Call me paranoid, but whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I check if my mom’s okay.

Another news about my life is that I’m still unemployed. It sucks but I do hope that I get a job soon. I only ever go out to work on necessary documents that I will need  (NBI Clearance, SSS, and the like) so that I wouldn’t have to rush to do so in the future. What I don’t like about all the free time that I’m getting is that my brain isn’t busy enough to keep me from over thinking certain things, and I ask myself philosophical questions without gaining answers. Ugh.

Thankfully, I found this awesome Sudoku book in Booksale for Php 15! What a steal for 100+ challenging puzzles! I love it! It was still sealed when I bought it and if I had known how it looked like inside, I would have purchased another for C! One of the things I revel about him is he enjoys playing Sudoku too. 🙂

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