Cagayan + Ilocos Norte 2012 || Going from Cagayan to Pagudpud

I seriously loved our stay in Cagayan! I have never felt as energized when I woke up that morning, partly due to the comfortable bed which was a slightly better version of mine. Haha!

We started the day with our complimentary breakfast in the resort’s “western” restaurant. They also have a Chinese restaurant in another part of the resort that we did not get to visit since no one was really in the mood for it. Here’s the only shot with the interior of the restaurant.

Unfortunately, Tin’s breakfast wasn’t free as we only had four complimentary breakfast. She got the same plate for Php 200. The serving left a lot to be desired for the price.

Eyebags! Tan and I stayed up watching movies in our room. Tin and mom did the same in theirs, and dad was left to watch in the living room. Haha!

We checked out of the resort by 12 PM. Next stop: Pagudpud! Mom actually checked the map and saw how Cagayan and Pagudpud seemed nearby. However, she was not able to count on the fact that there weren’t any public vehicles’ routes aside from the one that leaves at 2 AM, that goes directly to Pagudpud from Cagayan.

OFF TOPIC: See that green bag beside me? That’s where all my stuff was. One more thing I loved about our recent trip is that my parents finally deemed my siblings old enough to carry their own stuff. I used to hate travelling with them since Tin and I often end up sharing a bag which was my burden alone.

The villas on the left side are the Ocean Front villas that costs Php 17,000-18,000++.

Goodbye, Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort. I will surely come back for more. We might also go back for Anguib Beach, the “Boracay of the North”. Rumors of pristine white sands have reached us and dad met one resort owner at the casino who offered us free accommodations. We already made reservations though, hence, we were not able to take on the offer.

We took the tricycle back to the market and then rode a van headed to Tuguegarao. Unlike shuttle services in Manila, the van leaves exactly on time, much like the GV Florida bus. The van left by 11 AM, and we were told to get off at Magapit City which is two hours away from Sta. Ana. It was funny how we arrived almost exactly by 1 PM. While we were getting off the van, the bus to Laoag was already starting to leave. We started running to try to catch it, but we were not so lucky. Hence, we started to decide to eat here while waiting.

Thankfully though, we didn’t have to wait long! A bus soon came in around 20 minutes and we were able to get on another three and a half hours bus ride. Mom already made arrangements with our tour guide and tricycle driver extraordinaire, Mang Rene, and he informed us that we have to get off at Baduang where he will pick us up and bring us to where we will be staying for the night. Mang Rene also made the reservations for us at Cathy’s Homestay at the “end” of Saud beach. Honestly, I had a “back to basics” feeling when we got to Cathy’s Homestay. We didn’t have a television here, and we just got back from the fabulous Cagayan and Holiday Leisure Resort. However, we weren’t really going for luxurious accommodation in Pagudpud since we’re only going to sleep in it and leave the morning after. I don’t have photos of the room, but it had three queen-sized beds in it, air-conditioning and a decent shower and toilet. Plus, Ate Cathy is nice and the rooms are clean and decent. You could also ask Ate Cathy to cook your breakfast.

By 5 PM, we still haven’t had any decent lunch so we went out to eat. If you want pricier accommodations during your stay in Pagudpud, a lot of hotels and resorts line Saud beach such as Terra Rika..

Ate Cathy pointed us to the direction of Evangeline’s Beach Resort to eat. She told us that she observed that most guests find it filling and worth the price.

View from our table

Some kind of Bagnet which was so tasty!


Grilled platter

The serving doesn’t look a lot in photos, but we were not able to finish everything! 🙂 While we were eating, the sun had started to set and the staff distributed this cute lamps in each table.

Saud Beach before sunset..

..and during sunset.

I didn’t get any nice photos during sunset. Kain muna! bago mag-picture! Haha!

..and that’s it for Day 2! Day 3 and 4 is much more jam-packed, so watch out for that. 🙂


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