Kuya Mark’s Birthday

My cousin spent his birthday at our house while I was suffering from food poisoning. I missed out on most of the food and I hated every minute of it.

Lunch (Clockwise from upper left corner): Lumpiang Ubod, Fried Chicken, California Spring Rolls, Grilled Fish, Grilled Liempo, Beef with Broccoli, more grilled fish, liempo and California Spring Rolls

Both my aunts cook really well, and mom’s California Spring Rolls have always been a crowd favorite. I guess I should simply look at the bright side that aside from losing 5 pounds from all that vomiting and loose bowel, I also didn’t get to gain any weight during their stay.

..and the birthday cupcakes mom baked for kuya Mark. I made the caramel frosting and was assigned to top the cupcakes with it. I also got to stick the “Happy Birthday” candles! Being under the weather at the time, I didn’t even get the chance to taste any of the cupcakes.

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