I’d give up potatoes entirely if every pervert on Earth dies. If they happen to die a gory death, I’d probably give up chocolates too.

I hate how unfair this society is. If you’re a woman who

  • gets rude catcalls from
  • gets undressed by the eyes of
  • gets bumped in to so they could subtly graze a part of their body against yours
  • gets groped at by

some stranger/s, people will think “oh, she asked for it”. My shorts are too short or my top is too revealing.. Either way it’s always because of I’m showing too much skin. Some would even reason out that the route you take is dangerous and that’s what you should expect from it, or that going home past 6 PM is to blame. And the much more annoying arguments blames your genes for being too voluptuous (however, I am not).

No. Whatever women wear, they get sexually harassed or raped. I have been harassed while in a bus on my way to school [in the morning] and on my way home. This just proves that even when you wear what a normal student will wear (such as jeans and shirt), you might get groped at any time.

Why should the society put the blame on me, on what I wear and the time I travel? I am the victim. Would I deliberately put myself in danger? I do not even wear provocative clothing, nor travel in wee hours alone unless school demands that I do. Instead of blaming women, let’s acknowledge the fact that those perverts recklessly harass women without any fear of punishment. Is it even feasible to put them to jail when most perverts, once called out, will run away? Why should the fear of perverts exist, when those perverts should be the one who actually fears the law and the consequences of disobeying it?

Ugh. Someone castrate perverts please.

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