Moist Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Snickers + Caramel Frosting

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes for C. It’s supposed to be a surprise but I guess he already had a hint of what I’m going to give him. However, if you’re a mutual friend, just shut up until tomorrow. Haha!

This photo was taken using my phone so it doesn’t look as appetizing in person. I made the boyfriend Moist Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Snickers topped with Caramel Frosting. It is by far the hardest cupcakes I ever did in my life (which is partial because I’ve only started baking this year. Haha!).

I had to brave the heavy rain to buy the cupcake box since the nearest baking supplies store wasn’t on my usual route. Plus, those boxes were out of stock last week! I have never found myself thankful of the newly built SaveMore until last night when I had to buy some of the ingredients.

Forgetful me forgot to put in the leavening agent (baking powder) and mom told me to simply re-bake everything if it turned out as chocolate bricks. Fortunately, it did not and turned out similar to Goldilocks Brownies. However, I lost the usually spilled overlook for cupcakes, but at least, it still tasted great (thank you *expensive* cocoa powder).

While anxiously waiting for it in the oven, I had to make the Snickers filling so both the cupcakes and the filling will cool down at around the same time. During the cooling period, I made the frosting as to not waste time. I had to cut the cupcakes to make room for the filling before putting the frosting on top. My hands also got stained by the food color which I used to put in T ♥ C in the middle row. 🙂

The most tiring part was washing the baking tools in between each process to keep everything clean. Gah. The things I do for love.

This is already our fourth Valentine’s Day together, so we basically can predict what we’ll get from each other. Haha!

He brought me to the Enchanted Kingdom as a surprise (he didn’t tell me where we were going) during the 13th. We weren’t in an official relationship yet, so I gave him a small box filled with his kikay stuff *insert inside joke here* and he told me “hala! I didn’t get you anything!”. To my surprise the next day, C had this really nice bouquet delivered to our house. As it turns out, he asked my best friend for my address, who asked my other best friend, who had to ask my ex-boyfriend. Haha!

For our first V-Day as a couple, he even told me that he’s not getting me anything because “tayo na naman eh!” which ticked me off. My mom was even teasing “ooohh! Iba kasama niya mag-celebrate!”. I later found out mom and C had a connivance when C suddenly materialized in our home while I was crying my eyes out in my bedroom.

Last year, V-Day fell on a Monday. Since I was an intern in Eastwood and C had classes, we decided not to celebrate it. However, I found a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses on my bed when I got home that night. Also, I gave him an alarm clock and a photo frame with our photos in it. 🙂

This year, I had a feeling that I’m going to receive flowers as usual. C and I were playing mind games against each other regarding our plans for V-Day *insert another inside joke here*.

I was thrilled when I got an enormous box of chocolates from C. He always gives me boxes of chocolate (or junk food, or ice cream when I’m annoyed. Gah. I was 110 pounds when we met!), but he never gave me chocolates for V-Day until today! 🙂 He knew I loved nuts embedded in chocolate, that I hated those with raisins in them, and I loved dark chocolates the most, and got a box with an assortment that fit me. A guy’s pogi points increase rapidly when he remembers the small things. At times, I wonder how C remembers all those little details about me along with most of our conversations. Dear C, you make me love you more. Even though we spent V Day the way we do with our usual dates, it doesn’t mean any less. Every day with you is a lovely day for me. 🙂


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