I haven’t been updating this blog the way I used to. School got in the way, and as a graduating student (yes, I will graduate), my dissertation comes before anything else. We had to extend for one more term just to finish our thesis, and I do not plan on staying at the university longer than that.

June, I can’t wait.

And, oh, I just had to say that I can’t believe Coraline is supposedly a children’s book. *SPOILER ALERT* It should be for parents so they’d attend to their child more unless they want their child’s eyes replaced with big black buttons. I read this before I went to sleep and I had a nightmare wherein I was being chased by someone who plans on sewing my eyes shut. Although, I have to admit a lot of so-called children’s books does have dark themes (ie Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events with its moral relativism, Harry Potter etc) and caters to an older age group. I guess with Coraline, it is about getting what you wish for and realizing that it isn’t what you need after all.

Thinking about it, I feel kind of conflicted about letting kids read/listen to stories like this. My thoughts go from would I want an innocent childhood for my child wherein he/she grows up an idealist or do I let him/her face the reality that he/she will not always get what they want and not every day is going to be a sunny day to make them stronger?

The effects of not having any sleep.

Good night. 🙂

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