020412: Thank God it’s Saturday

My week had been pretty uneventful, actually. I feel so uninspired to post anything as I don’t find myself with a lot of interesting things to share.

Here are some of the few highlights of my week

  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in One Archer’s Place (the one in front of STRC where our thesis room is located) had a Php 100 on all drinks (valid until tomorrow). I bought large cups of ice blended drinks for 5 consecutive days. I think I’m going to have Coffee Bean withdrawal next week.
  • Someone tried to commit suicide in DLSU by jumping from the third floor of Miguel Building. And it’s idiotic if you ask me, it wasn’t dubbed as a pilay attempt for anything. Below was a covered path walk, technically, it will seem like just jumping from the second floor. If she did jump, which she didn’t do, she’ll just gain a lot of broken bones. Come on, a legit suicidal person would’ve jumped head first from Andrew Building. Also, THERE ARE NO VALID REASONS FOR TAKING YOUR OWN LIFE. Well, it would be some sort of valid if you’re a spy and you get caught so you take a death pill to avoid divulging your organization’s secrets.. You get the picture.
  • I got my hair cut. From nearly waist length (my mermaid-ish hair), it’s now just-below-shoulder-length. That Edwin Samot Hair Design Salon and Spa which can be found in Park Place Village along Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-Way have always intrigued me. The salon is really nice, though. And I love how they don’t hard sell their services.
  • Our house is under minor renovations. The scaffolding outside makes me wary as I always imagine something falling from it directly on my unprotected head.
  • I realized that I can’t remember the last time I took a photo of myself! It must be due to stress that I’ve been breaking out lately, and I don’t want my pimples immortalized. Please don’t even try to take a photo of me, then. I promise I will smash your camera to smithereens. Also, I love how most photos have better physical versions than the real me. (I realize that do sound shallow, noh?) I look entirely different in person or the person I look at the mirror. You could ask Gelo or Abbie, who I met online before I got to meet them in person.

So how was your week? 🙂

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