My first batch of cupcakes!

I now believe I have caught on my mom’s contagious baking problem.

Guess who made chocolate chip and banana cupcakes (or muffin? What is the difference anyway? Someone enlighten me!), topped with The Best Frosting I’ve Ever Had?

Admittedly, mom did most of the work with the cupcakes, while I did the frosting myself. Over beating the frosting would cause it to “break and fall apart”, so I did it by hand instead of using the hand mixer. By the end of it, I wanted to cry “my arms, dear God, my arms”. I found white frosting too plain for my liking, hence, I mixed in a few drops of yellow food color, and hated it. I ended up with slightly coral color, after mixing a few drops of pink though. I took charge of putting the icing on the 12 big cupcakes and let my siblings have fun doing so with the rest of the mini cupcakes (which were a lot).

After eating too many cupcakes in one afternoon, I can’t stand to eat nor look at the rest of the cupcakes we have stored. Good thing, Tophy (our neighbor and a budding chef) came by and we gave him the rest of the cupcakes to critique. And unfortunately, he told me that the frosting tastes fine but the consistency was due to my under beating it (is that even an expression?). Haha! How ironic.

Once I get better at baking, I might share some with whoever is interested. Yes? 🙂

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