Love what you do instead

Familiar with the saying “do what you love and the rest will follow”?

As much as I want to live it out, I find it kind of crap.

Let’s be real now, shall we? I wanted to be in the theater, write for a magazine, be a beauty queen, own a bakery, be a talk show host, maybe an archaeologist or a museum curator. But I took up engineering and plan on pursuing a career related to it. Why?

Maybe someday I will be able to accomplish all of that, but being from a middle-class family, I know passion alone would not be enough to get me through. Yes, it did work out for some people. It may seem cowardly to not risk it, but the way I see it, taking the practical path will simply help me produce means to make my dreams into reality.

There are things I cannot change in my life, and I still am on the way of having to accept that fact. But lately, I have started to finally love what I’m doing and in essence, I’m now doing what I love!

*Random thought flow = random text post. Good night! =)

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