Who run the world? (Mothers)

Watching Pokwang’s interview on The Buzz, and hearing her tell her daughter “Anak, hindi naman ako nagtatampo sa’yo. Masaya nga ako na naeexperience mo yung hindi ko naexperience dati”, or something similar to that strikes me as similar to what my mom would say.

If I fail to make it to an event or gathering, armed with the “hindi ako pinayagan ng mommy ko” reason, I might be lying. My mom allows me to party all night, on impromptu sleepovers and whatnot. Mom would always tell me that she wants me to experience everything she missed out on (prom, parties, etc.) when she was younger since she opted to work in order to study.

She let me have a boyfriend while still in high school, reasoning that “mabuti na yung alam ko, kaysa hindi kita papayagan tapos itatago mo na lang.” which is the reason why if a guy wants me (who I want back, of course) I’d tell him to ask my mom for her permission (Note: C did. WINNER KA C!). Heck, she allows me on overnights even if C is present (belief me, I know a lot of people whose parents do not allow them on sleepovers if their boyfriends will be around) and simply tells me “pinalaki kita ng maayos, at hindi ka lang napulot kung saan saan. Alam mo na ang tama sa mali.” before I leave the house. Therefore, whenever I lie to my mom, I confess afterward, even though her motherly instincts already told her the truth. Come on, from someone who have been betrayed so many times *ahem dad ahem*, the amount of trust she gives me deserves the truth.

If I’ll be lucky enough to have children, I want them to feel how much I trust them, their judgments and how I will always love them whatever happens. I have committed so many stupid mistakes, and yet my mom forgives me without my asking for it, and simply hopes I learn and live better. This is exactly how my mom makes me, Tan and Tin feel most of the time. The time we don’t feel that way are the times when she worries too much. Mothers.

God knows how my mom equates to half of my support system, and of my siblings too. I used to be a writer for the school paper, and my mom would cut out all my articles and place it in a brown envelope. When my graduation photo arrived, she cleared out a wall, hammered a nail into it and immediately put it on display where everyone can see (personally, though, it serves as a reminder to work my ass off). She beamed with pride when she found the First Honor’s certificate within my messy work space and even wanted it laminated. Oh wait, she always beams with pride at all my milestones in life.

Even though she annoys the hell out of me when she nags and constantly pushes me to do something or not do it, my mom will always be the most important person in my life. Whatever I become in life, I owe it to my mom. So I’ll make sure I’ll make her proud.

If I love C to the moon and back, I love my mom to the sun and back.

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