Roxee in my bed. This photo was from when she was sick and all she wanted was to lie down on my bed and even used my pillows. She’s normally obedient and follows whatever I tell her to do (although I can’t say that she does for anyone else) but dogs act differently when they’re sick, so she wouldn’t budge. Loko nga yan, kasi galit na ako dahil nilalawayan niya yung unan ko kaya sinisigawan ko na siya at ang ginawa niya ay magkunwaring tulog. Nung kunwaring aalis na ako, dumilat ulit siya, pero nung nakita niya akong lumapit, bigla nanaman pumikit.

I reprimanded Roxee for using my pillows. She walked away, got her pillow (the green one) from her bed on the first floor and went upstairs with it. Dahil ayaw ko na siya papasukin sa room ko, dun na lang siya sa sofa. She was there for two days and only ever goes down to eat, see me off and welcome me home. Wish my little baby gets well soon!

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