C is 21!

C and Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday fall on the same day (I just had to bring it up), and while Dan was celebrating his 22nd, C celebrated his 21st. 🙂 We had lunch at Shakey’s for his birthday meal. 🙂

Shakey’s Ultimate Cheese and Garlic Pizza
Shakey’s Ultimate Cheese and Garlic Pizza

My birthday surprise plan has been revised for n times already, that I settled for just having it delivered to their house while we were out and about. I got home at 5 PM (because I wanted to keep him home when I found out their doorbell currently malfunctions). I kept on persuading him to stay home until at least 7 PM while I was already pissed that I paid for express delivery for nothing. Finally, by 7 PM, C suddenly called me and told me he received the package. Yay!

C’s very easy to please but it was awfully hard to buy him a gift. I planned on giving him a watch one time, only to find that he does not like wearing one. And then I planned to give him shoes, but then he already has enough of those. Gah. It’s hard to buy something for someone who can afford to buy whatever he wants and doesn’t even have a wish list. Thank you, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho for the idea. 🙂

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