Saturdate + Big Better Burgers


C went to Taft today dahil may panira ako ng schedule na make up class NG SATURDAY. Come on. Kasalanan ko bang umabsent yung prof? We ate at Big Better Burgers before going on our way. I have been saying this over and over again, potatoes make me happy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t satisfied with where my 60 pesos went. Yes, I’m a cheapskate.

I ordered Mushroom Loco but wouldn’t know if it was worth it, since I was never a fan of burgers. Hahaha! I never appreciated burgers. Although I must say, I was full by the time I had eaten half of this. At mahirap siya isubo, the patty was thicker than fast food burgers (in MY standards kasi nga I’m not much of a burger eater). I had to ask C to take at least three bites of mine (my mom trained me to eat everything I ordered or take it out. Bawal mag-sayang ng food!) in order for me to finish it. C told me his order of Bacon Barbecue is “masarap naman” and he likes meat slathered with barbecue sauce, so I’m thinking he’s biased with anything that has “barbecue” in it. Hahaha! I did not ask to taste it because I was already having a hard time finishing mine.

Bongga ng traffic, it took us 3 hours to get to Cavite. Stress! Nakakatawa lang kasi we bought Chowking’s Chicharap and I was teasing him that if ever I’ll kidnap him, I’ll just put Chicharap in his mouth to silence him. Hahaha! Try putting Chicharap in between your lips and stick your tongue in it, may kakaibang nangyayari. Plus C knows that I like kropek with viands, kasi sinasawsaw ko sa sauce (although winner pa rin ang soy sauce + kropek combination).

He kept using my hand to wave at people from other buses/vehicles, and I kept trying to do the same with his hand. I swear, we were the only passengers laughing so much, everyone else seemed quiet. It’s just the way we are, most of the time.

I didn’t know how we got to sleep (weird, I know) but we almost woke up at the same time. “Pano tayo nakatulog?” and the last thing C also remembers is how we were talking about household chores. Hahaha! And the way we slept was so funny, I woke up leaning on the window while he was sleeping with his head bowed down and we were just holding hands. Hindi kami masyado pa-tweetums matulog sa byahe. Hahaha!

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