Freaky Strangers

Not that I’m stunningly pretty but I guess I look okay enough to be harassed thrice today. Damn. And to think of that I was only in my usual shirt, jeans, rubber sandals and old faded shoulder bag.

  1. I walk to the university whenever I still am early for class, instead of taking a jeepney. That way I save Php 8 and I get exercise! So I was walking when this man on a bike was trying to match my pace (I was walking slowly, and he was biking slowly and I tried brisk walking and he went quicker too) and was calling out “ganda! Hoy!” and he was laughing like a maniac. I panicked and ran to the nearest bank. Ugh.
  2. To save Php 18, I get a back ride (or sabit dun sa likod ng driver) when it’s still early. The tricycle driver will drop me off at the gate of the village I live in and then I’ll walk for around 800 steps until I get home. While I was on the tricycle, there were two guys in a motorcycle who kept calling out for me to look at them and jeering. Gah. I hid my face with the use of my hair and the driver sped off. Thank you.
  3. As I already mentioned, I also walk home. I have been living in this village forever and there were a group of kids (all boys) who I wasn’t familiar with and they suddenly surrounded me, asking for money. I embraced my bag then burst into tears. I guess that scared them and they all ran off.

Thank you, God, for keeping me safe and letting me get home in one piece. Harassed, yes. But still safe.

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