Upon arriving at the entrance of Intramuros, we attempted to walk to Fort Santiago. Only to find that it was in the very end. Hence, we rode a pedicab instead of walking the whole way which costs Php 20 for each person.

First Stop: Fort Santiago (Php 75 for each adult and Php 50 for each student with a valid ID and I can’t remember how much it was for children)

A little background first. Intramuros is the Philippines’ “Walled City”. From the name itself, it has thick walls surrounding the area as it was built during the Spanish colonial period.

Fort Santiago is situated on the edge of Intramuros “facing” the Pasig River. It’s actually a fortress, which is obvious as you can see so many walls with cannons in it to keep the enemies away.

Anyway. There was a Visitors’ Center and I grabbed all the brochures/maps I could get my hands on (primarily because I just have this affinity with taking brochures/maps whenever I go on trips) to guide Carlo and me. The tour inside Fort Santiago was fun because Carlo and I unofficially joined a tour group (meaning we kind of followed them around and listened to their tour guide HAHAHAHA). The last time I’ve been there was as a high school freshman and I have quite forgotten the eerie feel of the place. There’s something amazing and creepy about everything that happened there decades ago. I could just imagine so many stories going on within those walls during the Spanish era.

Second Stop: Manila Cathedral

I’ve never been to Manila Cathedral before. I’ve heard of my friends who went and told themselves how they want to get married there. Frankly, though, I still want that beach wedding. Carlo and I prayed for a while and then went on with our “tour”.

Third Stop: Church Ruins/Puerto de Sta. Lucia

There was this church ruin (I can’t remember the name), but seriously, it is just ruins. And not the majestic kind of ruins. Plastic bottles and candy wrappers are some of the decors of the place. Puerto de Sta. Lucia turned out to be closed already! I hated how the surroundings are filthy and smelly. Come on, we should keep our tourist spots a place where people would like to come back to. =(

Fourth Stop: San Agustin Church

Another church which was popular with weddings. But still.. Beach wedding for me! =)

After San Agustin Church, Carlo and I were really hungry already. Fortunately, it was cloudy and windy which made it ideal for walking (we were walking for three hours). I made and packed lunch for the both of us and looked for somewhere we could eat. But as I’ve said before, there are benches but the nearby wall stink of urine and that’s not very appetizing at all.

We rode another pedicab to Manila City Hall (which costs the same), walked to SM Manila and ate our lunch there. It was funny, really. I brought my ancient (something I owned since I was six) three-layered Snoopy lunch box and people were staring when I got it out of the bag. Hihihi. :>

Layer #1 were all heart shaped eggs and the dips (Soy Sauce and Garlic Mayo) but no photos. Sucks. Layer #2 is Cali Maki.

Layer #3, Chicken..rolls.

I don’t know what to call this, but it’s basically chicken breast wrapped around ham and cheese and then fried with breading. I personally like dipping this with garlic mayo (which is just mayo mixed with minced garlic) since the breading makes this a bit salty and the garlic balances the taste. And the hint of cheese is just.. yum.

One thing is for sure, I am going back to Intramuros for a more thorough tour and I AM BRINGING A CAMERA. There are so many instances I wanted to take a picture but my mobile phone just isn’t suitable for it. Gah.

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