It’s official. I hate Thursdays.

Just so you know, our house is located at the farthest part of our village. In the Philippines, one of the most common means of transportation is by riding a tricycle (google it up).

To get to the tricycle terminal, I have to walk until I reach the village entrance. It normally takes me an average of ten minutes to get there and five minutes when I’m in a hurry. Since I was early, I took my time walking. I was five steps away from the terminal when I remembered that I left my office ID home. I immediately sent my mom a message to tell her I forgot my ID and I’ll just rush home. I then asked the tricycle driver to get me home first since I forgot something, and the oh-so-nice tricycle driver speedily got me home. Turns out, my mom went to meet me halfway, so I had to look out for her somewhere along the way out. She literally just threw me my ID and the tricycle driver released his frustrated racer persona. Thank you, mister! And he didn’t even ask for extra pay!

Thank goodness I still got to the office early. Nothing much happened today, except for all the hands-on experience I got in the IT department. Transferred assets, deployed equipment, etc.

And then my series of unfortunate events started.

For some reason, my right eye suddenly started to feel a bit stingy. Since I was wearing contact lenses (poor eyesight sucks!), I thought it might be because my eyes are too dry already. I started to continuously blink and something did not feel right. Fortunately, I felt my right eye using my clean hand and found my contact lens hanging from my eyelashes. HOW DID IT GET THERE??? There’s a special solution used for cleaning contact lenses and there wasn’t any around, so guess what I did. I ran to the ladies’ room and put it back in. God. It felt like lots of shampoo in your eye. It must have been weird for those who saw me because I started crying due to the pain. Then it stopped. The pain, I mean. Probably because my eyes are wet again. Gaaah. I’ve never experienced this with other brands of contact lenses before. Ugh.

Come 6 PM and us interns left the office building. It was raining so hard and the sound of thunder was quite prominent even with the sound of rush hour in Eastwood. Good thing I always had an umbrella in my bag, or else I would have been dripping. Not that I wasn’t, though.

I thought I was lucky that a half full jeepney (for non-Pinoys, it’s another means of transportation) stopped in front of me. Once I sat down, I felt something poking through my thigh. Oh my, God, a nail was sticking out from the jeepney seat and it bore a hole through my brand new slacks. DHFSFHSJKDHFSDJGFHJSDGFS You can just imagine me directing evil glares to the jeepney driver who drove like it’s 2012.

Cubao was flooded already by the time I had to get off the jeepney so I had to submerge my flats (and part of my slacks) in dirty flood water. Yuck. I wouldn’t have an issue with it if I was wearing slippers and shorts and if there’s an assurance that the flood water wasn’t a carrier of leptospirosis (hello, google).

At the bus terminal in Farmer’s Plaza, a line is already building up due to the rain and the scarcity of buses to Cavite. I fell in line too and waited for my turn to board the bus. What pissed me off and reduced me to shout out “Hoy! Ano ba? Lahat tayo gustong makauwi. Mahiya nga kayo!” is tons of people line jumping. Come on. I did not get in line so people who just came to get to board the bus before I do. Ugh.

Rant over. More tomorrow. Or during the weekends. Good night! 🙂

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