Today is my first day as an intern. And guess what? I woke up late and I woke up to..ACNE. Three ginormous pimples. Right in the middle of my forehead, one on the cheek and one on the chin. Gah. You guys can just imagine my horror.


So I went about panicking since I needed to get to the office by 8:30 AM and it is my first day after all. Gah. I think it’s one of the fastest times I did my makeup/put powder on my face, curled my eyelashes and grabbed a lipstick. The purple long sleeves I was supposed to wear lacked a button, so I changed into a dark-colored sleeveless blouse and then just grabbed a green coat from my cabinet and rushed off. Thank God it was chilly.. gave me the opportunity to wear that coat. Yay!

I got there at 8 AM and waited. While sitting in the lobby, I realized why the guard downstairs was so nice. If a person takes a calculated peek, you can glimpse my nude-colored lace brassiere. Gah.


Rushed to the ladies’ room and asked the lady janitor if she had a safety pin somewhere. Thank God for women like her who took the time to buy one for me and helped me put it there. I got to sign the contract by 9 AM and then took care of all the other necessary papers. I reported to the supervisor by 11 AM and found four other trainees in there as well.

Pam, the girl I will replace (her internship ends next week), and I had an instant connection. Truthfully, I chatted up the guys first because (call me whatever you want to call me) I’m more wary of girls. With guys, you just have to smile at them and start off the conversation with one simple question. Within five minutes, we were all chatting as if I’ve been there for a week already. And then I asked them to introduce me to Pam and next thing I knew, we went to lunch together (well, along with the guys) and shared makeup tips and the like.

Our shift ends at 6 PM, and contrary to my expectations, it was quite easy to get a ride home. There are buses in Farmer’s Plaza (near Gateway, Ali Mall, etc.) going to Tagaytay, and it doesn’t even fill up with people quickly. Aaaand I just got home.

Might be telling you guys more about my work during the weekend since I’m tired and I have to wake up early tomorrow. Good night!

UGH. I just re-read what I just typed. I’m so random and my thoughts are, as usual, unorganized.

BTW. I received some heartwarming compliments today. Some from Tumblr (and new followers, yay! I wonder what you saw in my blog. Haha!) and some in real life (whatever, I’m sleepy). Seriously, though, thank you.

You all are


Good night!

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